• Meet Oz


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    Oz Bayldon - E4GG Founder

    Oz Bayldon's experience in Nepal sparked his passion for using music as a tool for social change. He founded Music4children in the UK and Events4GreaterGood in Australia with the belief that music can bring people together and make a positive
    impact on society. Since its inception, Events4GreaterGood has been dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities both locally and internationally, and Oz has continued to lead the organization with a deep sense of purpose and dedication.

    Under his leadership, Events4GreaterGood has achieved numerous milestones, including breaking world records for high-altitude gigs, organizing festivals that raise funds for charitable causes, and building shelters for at-risk girls in Nepal. Oz's commitment to creating positive change through music has inspired countless individuals and organizations to get involved in social activism and philanthropy. Through his work with Events4GreaterGood, Oz has shown that music has the power to bring people together and effect real change in the world. His dedication to using his skills and platform to help those in need is a testament to his character and his belief in the power of community.